“My experience of Allison as a coach has been both empowering and grounding. I came to her seeking resolution to a problem and what I came away with was more confidence and a willingness to give my all to a competition that I had a lot of fear to even try. I attribute this to Allison’s ability to be with me in the moment, ask questions that not only anchor my thoughts but the emotions that drive the thoughts behind the limited thinking I was experiencing. If you are curious about health and wellness and want to know how coaching might help, I strongly suggest working with Allison.”
Trish Trama
HR Professional & Crossfit athlete

“Allison is a great coach, her deep thinking helps untangle complex situations. Her caring and patient manner creates a safe environment through which delicate issues can unfold into clear paths forward. Health and wellness can be difficult subjects for all of us, and it’s easier having an advocate like Allison on my team.”
David K.
Life Purpose Coach

“I came to Allison in the middle of a career move that left me confused and unsure of myself. Allison asked all the right questions to help me understand the professional choices I need to make, and led me to create a practical plan for transitioning into the position I wanted. Her insight allowed me to reflect — and shift perspectives — on some long-held assumptions about my work, and myself. I cannot stress how delighted — and surprised! — I was to find that Allison’s thoughtful approach provided a real change in my own point of view, and provided concrete actions to supply momentum.”